“My friend LOVED her robe—partially, it seems she was overwhelmed that I would give her such a gift, but I think she was also touched by the gift itself. She said she cried tears of joy when she saw it. So, rave reviews for the Robe to Wellness.”

“I am a breast cancer survivor. At the beginning of my radiation treatments, I was offered a gift of a beautiful robe. This gesture touched my heart and I am sending you my heart-felt thanks. I am using the robe and thinking of you and the thoughtful, generous donor. Your original gift idea was gratefully accepted and much appreciated.”

“The gown looks beautiful on our patients!”

“Our patients are very happy to receive the Robes. The material is soft and it makes them feel feminine to be wearing such lovely robes. They are also quite pleased with the design.”

“We gave our friend the robe. She loved it and it brought tears to her eyes.”

“Thank you so much. We are honored to have been able to be part of this beautiful project!”


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