Princeton Breast Cancer Resource Center Well Wishes
“I like the idea of a community of supporters backing this project.” -Breast cancer survivor
Send your ‘well wishes’ to women
on the healing journey
through radiation, recovery and ... life.

Sewing Circle Project

How It Works:

  • Post a message of support below
  • Key messages are transferred onto labels
  • Local survivors’ groups sew labels into robes
  • In-person and online social networks spread the message:

“Be Well,” a blue bird sings for you

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‘Well Wishes’

Post Your Message:

Be creative! Wise! Appropriate! Play! Just be YOU!! Escribe en Español también.

Send your message at
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FOR FUN: Let messages inspire you to DRAW! WRITE! Or just ... VISUALIZE WELLNESS!

Message Examples:

  • “Be Well,” a blue bird sings for you.
  • Lush life soon peeks through snow.
  • We circle, whispering, “You are not alone.”
  • Pause by calm water and breathe.

For more information on the ‘Robe to Wellness’ Sewing Circle Project, please contact at or (609) 683‑1317